Gig review #1 Whirling Dervish T-Boy at the Brothel, Twist Helix and Roidwolf

First gig of 2017 and a brand new page for my blog. Whirling Dervish in Middlesbrough’s TSOne pub was the destination for this gig last with a cracking line up to start the year aswell. It kicked off with Roidwolf. The on off side project from Crazer Beams George and Stephanos Louca. The show started with a few technical difficulties but these were soon sorted. The set started with both members going through a few instrumental originals. The music feels very creative and experimental. As you tell from these songs they like to use a huge range of influences in each track they had a few friends join them during set including the bands fellow DJ Craig Hughes and Idle Violets front man Joel Clayton. After Roidwolf we had the pleasure of watching Newcastles Twist Helix. This is the second time that I’ve seen these but this time without the bassist. This didn’t take anything away from what I think was an awesome performance. If I had the describe the music. Which I am going to do because this is a music blog I’d say synth pop. Great pop and powerful vocals backed with a fun disco like synth and hard hitting drums. Even though I don’t know  the songs I found myself very entertained and wanting to hear more. Now for the main event of the night T-Boy in the Brothal. This could be the last time we may see them in a while band and the band made the most of it. One of the finest sets I’ve seen the band perform a mix of indie pop performed to perfection. People were dancing and just having a great time watching the group. Whirling Dervish kicked off 2017 with a Big Manic Bang. Every Thursday TSOne In Middlesbrough is the place to be.   


Twist Helix

T-Boy at the Brothel


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