Gig Review #2 Stockton Music Lounge Echolines & Sound Reaction

My first Stockton Music Lounge gig of 2017 and I was’nt sure what to expect. I had not heard either band before so it was going to be something new for me. But when I turned up I walked in as the original headline act Sound Reaction were already about 10 minutes into the set. Not sure why the switch over and early start. The crowd was also small for this one which is always a shame. But I was very impressed with the bands sound. It was a mix of indie rock and punk rock. They were advertised as a Mod band but I couldn’t see why. It was a fun set though I also enjoyed the song “punk rock radio”. Second up was  ow headliners Echolines again not sure what to expect and also the crowd didn’t get any bigger which is a big shame because what I heard was an awesome alternative rock expolision full of energy fun riffs. Even though the turn out wasn’t huge everyone there was very much into the band. The songs were very catchy and I would like to see more from them. Overall a good night of live music and it showed that even the smallest crowd can have the most fun.

Sound Reaction



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