Gig Review #3 Amelia Coburn Stockton Green Room

Yes I’ve just came back from this show but I just wanted to write a few words about the two sets Amelia Coburn played tonight. I saw her perform for the first time yesterday in Stocktons Friendly neighbourhood record store Sound it Out so I really wanted to go to this show. It looked like that wasn’t going to happen as it was sold out. But lucky for me a ticket became available an hour before the show. So I stopped watching Toy Story and got myself down to the show. First set started with an original song that set the tone just right. Everyone was silent as a mouse which is always nice it shows respect. She went into a Blondie cover(Call Me) now for anyone who knows me knows I love Blondie. The set went on with a good mix of originals and covers. I like how she makes the covers her own it’s almost like you’re not hearing covers. She finished the first set with three David Bowie covers performed to perfection. I will add how good her Life on Mars cover is especially when she hits the high note in the word Mars it’s incredible. Second Set started with another original song she said is about pirates. Stunning song that was also performed at the Sound it Out gig. The second set just like the first a few originals and covers and finished with three Beatles covers from The White Album. Overall the gig had a nice warm atmosphere and a top act. Amelia will be performing in Stocktons Arc on the 1st April I’ll keep you updated on that on Dig that grooves Facebook page. 

Amelia Coburn 


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