Gig Review #5 Hayley McKay, Gary Grainger and Box of Frogs @ Stockton Music Lounge 

A cold night in Stockon spent watching three very talented acts. I’ve never seen these three before so I was looking forward to seeing something new to me. I got to the show in time this week about five minutes before Box of Frogs set. I looked over to the stage and saw the bands set up. Once I saw Box of Frogs equipment I was intrigued because you had two guitars that looked very custom made. The moment they started to play untill the end of the set I thought to myself I know a good few people who would enjoy these. The sound has a blues feel with an old rock influence. If you ever get the chance to see them I say do it. The set was a lot of fun to watch. Also the middle of the guitar was a freeking dog bowl. It when I was watching the set I realised that whilst some people were in Redcar watching Honey G I was experiencing something special and very creative. Second up was Gary Grainger. This set was much more of a chilled out set. You can see how much Gary Puts into each and every song as the set progressed. My favourite song of the set was his second to last song it was sang with so much emotion and passion . Well every song was really but that one stood out for me. Now the headline act Hayley McKay she was joined on stage with her band. I was really looking for to this set after hearing her latest single Unspoken before the show. The set started with a cover of Joleane then went into a set full of original bangers. It surprised me a little because it had such a huge range. It would go from a nice chilled song to a more dancey pop song. Sadly the attendance wasn’t great so the wasn’t much dancing going on. But credit to Hayley and band they still put on one hell of a show. Over all the show was organised very well but it could have used more faces in the crowed but the people who turned up seemed up have a great time. 

Myself and Hayley McKay after the show. 

Gary Grainger

Box of Frogs


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