Gig Review #6 Whirling Dervish Catalyse, Sick Joy and Nephilim 

Back to Middlesbroughs most manic night of live music and it’s a cold cold Thursday night. But the coldness of the night didn’t stop our music fans coming out in good numbers. I turned up during Nephilim’s set probably about two songs in. The band were a young group of lads with a metal influence. Which is fine they went on to play a cover of Metallicas classic “Enter Sandman”. Now even though the song was played very well I still feel this song is abit cliche to cover. It’s like a grunge and covering “Smell like Teen Spirit” or an indie band covering “Sex on Fire”. But that’s just my opinion and like I said they played it very well. The rest of the set had that kinda metal theme going on. My only advice would be agression I’d like to see the band display more aggression during the set. But that being said it was a decent set and I’d like to see how they are going to progress from here. The second band came down from Brighton. It was Sick Joy I didn’t know what to expect from this group at all. But I can tell you one thing I loved every second of the set. Even though I hadn’t heard any of the songs before it didn’t feel that way listening to them. Each song was more catchy than the last. They displayed allot of anger and passion that alternative rock needs. These absolutely made a fan out of me and judgeing from everyone else’s reaction they made a good few fans from this one set. I can’t wait to see them again personally. Now the headline act and the main event of the evening Catalyse. This was the bands first gig of 2017 and it’s a headline show. Like I pointed out in Dig that grooves Facebook page these had a fun 2016. So it’s time to see what they have in store for 2017. I was not left disappointed from this set. It’s a headline set that actually felt like an headline set. The band played like they had something to proove. They seem to be enjoying themselves more of stage which translates into the crowd very well as the onlookers were quite visibly enjoying themselves aswell. But overall a good night of Alternative rock music from Whirling Dervish and it’s nice to see zero bands pull out last minute. 


Sick Joy



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