Gig Review #7 Stockton Music Lounge Velvoir, Casual Threats and Nancy

Now even though I wasn’t feeling 100% for this gig it managed to the get the energy for this solid line up. First band Nancy are a band I’ve seen many times before. But this is the first time I’ve reviewed them. I’m very happy that it is because this is by far the best I’ve seen them perform. What sometimes looks awkward was replaced with good old rock n roll and fun. The band clearly have an influence from 70’s/80’s era rock music with a dash on punk shot in for good measure. What I noticed and learned from this show is the more the band enjoy themselves the better they sound. Quality set if they can keep playing like this with this much confidence there’s no reason they won’t go on to be a top Teesside act. Speaking of top Teesside acts it’s now time for Casual Threats. A few months after dropping one of my favourite albums of 2016 the band still continue to surprise me with sets like this. They have perfected the art of putting a set together. By that I mean they know how to start the set with a bang and where to put the slower songs the fast songs whilst keeping the onlookers entertained throughout. A new song added to the mix which had me thinking could we end 2017 with album #2. Let’s see let’s just see. But overall another fun performance from the guys. Anyway final band of the night Velvoir. What can I say about these that I haven’t said many times before? But I’m going to anyway. There’s a reason why these fill out every venue they play there’s a reason they headline these type of line ups. That reason is that Velvoir are just that damn good. Every time we watch them we all find our selves hooked to the funky bass lines chilling guitar and erotic undertones that makes them stand out. I mean how often does a band get called back for three encores? This is only the second time I’ve ever seen that happen. Any way the whole gig was fantastic and organised brilliantly. Best crowd I’ve seen in the Music Lounge in a long time. 


Casual Threats



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