Gig Review #8 Red Faces, Figmennt and Little Doves at Ku Bar(Shine Like Stars)


It was Ku Bars Shine like Stars first gig of 2017 with a mint line up aswell. I turned up to the gig about 15 minutes before the first band hit the stage. When I got into the gig room I noticed that it had a decent turn up. Now that’s what I like to see especially considering the quality if bands we all had in store. On this night Teesside had many great choice for live music. I choose to spend my night in Ku Bar. Anyway first band was Little Doves. These are one of our newest bands going and it was the second time I’ve seen then perform. Well the first was an acoustic show and I can tell you they sounded so much better at this show. It was an incredibly fun set filled with energy and possitive vibes from the band and onlookers the music was a good mix of Indie and Pop. Each song more catchy than the last. You can tell how much hard work they out into perfecting each song and they all individually seem the brung the best out of each other. If you’re a fan of indie pop and fun these are for you. The second band Figmennt are up now. Teesside faciurite Shoegaze bavd. There’s something about Figments and Ku Bar that works very well. They have have a huge sound that seems to sound bigger everytime I see them. The guys have just released there first single “home” not long back. They finished the set with this song. It felt like the perfect way to end what was a well thought out set. If you get the chance to see then then do it. Anyway the final and headline act RedFaces a indie melodic pop band who are currently touring. It was good to see the hard work this lot put into creating up beat music. And that’s exactly what it is a very up best set that you can’t help but dance to and get involved with. The guys clearly really enjoy what they do and even though you may not knoow some of the songs when they are being performed they feel all so very familiar. So over all it was a brilliant show put together by the Ku Bar team. I’d like to see turn outs like this more often at Ku Bar. They work very hard on bringing the best babes we have to offer whilst giving sone of out local acts and opertubuty to play for these top babes. It should be a venue that every North East band should want to play. 


Little Doves 

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