Gig Review #9 Whirling Dervish. Scream Of Sirens, The Circus Villians and Krome. 

Another week another Whirling Dervish. Here’s a show I’ve been looking forward to as it’s headlines by one of my favourite North East bands. Well it started with Teesside new comers Krome. This band toke me by surprise because I didn’t really know what to expect from them. What we got was some well played heavy rock with an old school groove. It was great seeing this work so well and I feel with a little more gig experience these could be one of teessides top alternative bands. After Krome we got Darlington band The Circus Villians which is an awesome name. The band had a decent mix in there sound from Arctic Monkeys influenced indie to a more dark and menacing sound. I can see why many people would be into these. There’s allot of great talent that comes from Darlington right now and it’s always nice to see some of that come to Whirling Dervish. The songs were intriguing  and certainly have a way of keeping you interested. Anyway now for the main event Scream of Sirens. The trio have just released there latest single “Your mind or hers”. It’s songs like this that makes them one of my favourites. They take the alternative rock genre and add so much creativity and hard work into each and every song. In my opinion we need bands likes this upbeat alternative rock music that’s allot of fun to listen to. Hard hitting rytham section topped with brilliant guitar work and strong rock vocals. If you haven’t seen them I will advise anyone to do just that. You can catch them at this years Stockton Calling playing Idle Promtions stage at The Music Lounge. 

The whole gig was great two first time bands for me and a favourite of mine. 

Scream Of Sirens

Circus villains




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