Gig Review #10 John and the Ragmen – Laura Kelbrick @ Sticky Fingers

On this cold Saturday night I had a good range of choice in Middlesbrough and Stockton for my choice of gig. I choose to go to a Sticky Fingers gig for the first time. I turned up to the venue early enough to catch the set of Laura Kelbrick. Laura is quite new to the scene and this was the first time I’ve seen her perform. I squeezed my way to the front to catch the performance. The set was a mix of well chosen covers and a couple of originals(I feel alive, painted heart). It was a great set and she has an incredibly unique voice id say mostly influenced by pop and indie music. Which worked very well for the covers she played because she made each one sound like her own. She was joined on stage by fellow musician Reece Hanrahan. He joined her for her last six songs. They played very well together taking a a good mix of style and making it work to perfection. The songs were real crowd pleasures and I’m just putting it out there I really enjoyed there version of “dancing in the moonlight”. I feel Reece joining her highlighted some positive unity within the music scene which is always a welcome sight. I will say my first time seeing Laura will not be my last. I highly recemmond seeing her live whenever you get the chance. Quality performer and I can only see her getting better and better. John and the Ragmen. There was only one Ragman on stage with John so it was a stripped back performance. So I choose to get a good spot where I can hear the music. The performance started with “Lions and Lambs” one of my favourites. But it was clear that the two were having problems hearing each other. A problem that occurred during the set. I’m not sure what the issue was but I’ve got to hand it to the band they continued the set to the best way they could. The band were there to play some new songs from the upcoming album and treat us with some classics. But whatever issue the sound had ruined the whole vibe of that. It’s a shame really that this was my first experience at a Sticky Fingers gig. But these things do happen and it said loads about the professional attitude of John and the Ragmen that they finished the set with a cool positive attitude. 

Laura Kelbrick

John and the Ragmen


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