Gig Review #11 Barber Bash

You know what I’m going to start this blog by saying that you can’t beat a good ol’ Westgarth gig. It’s a great venue for live music and I always have a blast. Tonight had a great feeling of positivity about it. Not only was it a night full of great live talent but it was all for charity that charity was “Mind” a north east charity for Mental Health. The event was organised by Fleckt Pets front man Tom Barber and he did a great job putting some quality acts together. The gig itself well let’s start from the opening act Charlie Thomas this was my first time seeing Charlie perform. It was a great way to start the night. Like it said on the event page he isn’t your average singer/song writer. One man one guitar and what he does with that guitar is pure and  brilliant. Interesting story telling mixed with a post punk style that he’s made his own. Brilliant way to start the show and at this point I knew the night will be a good one. Second band of the night Fleckt Pets are up now and even though I’ve seen these a good few times you still never know what to expect from them. But they have such a fun in your face punk style that you can’t help but enjoy. If you want to talk about bands full of energy then look no further. The live performance has a certain charm to it that I can’t explain all you know is you want more. Vocalist Tom has a way of getting the audience involved from start to finish whilst also playing the mad man who jumps into doors and sneaks behind the bar during the set. But once the set was over the energy of the place was through the roof. The best part was we still had two bands to go the next band were The Likkor Men what can I say about this band, really? These just continue to impress me every time I see them. It’s the passion that I love about them so much passion for making rock music that they clearly enjoy performing. Loudness and a no nonsense attitude with an old school metal vibe. They just make you want to drink loads of whiskey and rock the fuck out. So yeah that brings me to the final band of the night PussyWillowFurryVenus I’m just going to say it I absolutely adore this band and will jump at the chance to see them every chance that I get. There’s so much to take in during the set but I’ll start with vocalist Steph I think it’s safe to say that she was born for this. Being entertaining and putting on a show seems to come naturally to her. She’s either chilled in the middle of the stage or carrying on with her band mates. What ever she’s doing it works very well. Then there’s guitarist Rob who brings some fantastic and unique guitar riffs and also provides some smashing yet sometimes haunting backing vocals. Top that with a tight rhythm section and you have the perfect live experience. Did I mention that I absolutely adore this band? Check them out and you’ll adore them aswell. But only problem was with a slight late running time The Pussy was cut short. But when you think about a band being cut short being the only issue just means it was a mint gig. Great work Tom I hope you put more shows on in the future. 
Charlie Thomas
Fleckt Pets

The Likkormen




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