Gig Review #12 Bruto Debut Gig


First let me start this review by thanking Phill Harrison for the awesome photos. It was a crazy night in Teesside with so many gigs going on in Middlesbrough and Stockton. I choose to head to The Green Room for Brutos first ever gig. The show started with Dead Rivers this is only the second time that I’ve seen these perform. The first time was a couple of year ago in Mixtape. The sound was very different to what I remember. Different in the best kind of way it was an accoustic performance. I enjoyed the accoustic sound more. It was a nice way to start the show it was a very chilled sound with some very creative guitar work which blended in with the vocals very nicely. The vocals have give the sound a nice chilling sound to top it of. I look forward to seeing them again. The second band Plastic are up now and this was the second time seeing them this week. I find the band to be very likeable. With a possitive and upbeat take on the post punk genre it easy to see why any could have fun watching these. I can only see this band getting better and better so do keep your eyes peeled for Plastic. Now the moment We’ve all be waiting for the debut of the New Kids on the Block BRUTO. Before the gig the band posted one song and many headless promo photos. It was nice to see the band did actually have heads. The fully enjoyed the set from start to finish. With a few whiskys down me I enjoyed a good “dance” to the bands pop rock tunes. I hope I didn’t look like a drunk uncle at a wedding. The bands music was alternative rocks fun side. The strange thing was even though this was tge babes first gig it had a feeling of nostalgia behind it. Like it felt like something I’ve enjoyed longer than one gig. I guess there’s just some things an amature blogger from Teesside can’t explain. There was a small issue with a guitar amp but credit the band they delt with it very well and the show went on.  So over all the whole gig was much fun one organised very well. Bruto mashed it as you kids say these day they  nailed it and made the night there bitch. 
Dead Rivers

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