Gig Review #13 Stefan Atkinson @ Sticky Fingers

It’s a Saturday night I had got word that front man from The Panoramic Stefan Atkinson was to perform a solo set at Sticky Fingers. For you who don’t know The Panoramic were a Teesside Indie act that I was a huge supporter of back in the day. Last time I saw Stefan perform was with the band a couple of year back at Stockton Calling. So it was going to be intresting to catch up with him and see him perform again. He had two sets lined up for this show. The First set started with a cover of The Killers song “Mr Brightside” and judging from the reaction from some in attendance it was a smart song to start with. The set consisted of some quality well chosen covers with an original shot in for good measure. It was fun hearing one of his originals in the mix for myself but I also loved the cover of “Johnny B Good”. When the set finished he had a 15 minute space to prepare for the second set. I used to this to catch up with him and even discussed some of the bands around from The Panoramic days. Anyway Second Set time and much like the first set it was covers with an original shot in. This set he choose to get the people in Sticky Fingers involved with his covers of “Mustang Sally” and Fleetwood Macs classic “Everywhere” and a good portion of the crowd did get involved. Singing and dancing and just having a good time. The set finished with Oasis classic “Don’t look back in anger” it was a good set and I had fun watching it. It made me realise how fun Sticky Fingers is. Yes there’s loads of talking but if you get a good spot you can really enjoy the live music. It’s also a great social place and everyone there seems to have a great time. 


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