Gig Review #14 Whirling Dervish Fighting Caravans, Casual Threats and Cult Figure

It’s Thursday, Thursday gotta Whirly Down on Thursday and Idle Promotions had a great line up for us to enjoy. First band of the evening was local new comers Cult Figure. This was the bands second gig and first at Whirling Dervish. I’ve seen singer Mike Elliot perform many times in his old band Jesus Camp and his solo work. He brings a very distinctive vocal style and with Cult Figure it’s mixed with a heavier style than the other projects. The band have a very tight rythem section and some top guitar riffs and solos. Just imagine singing a Bob Dylan song in an alternative rock style with Guns n Roses influenced guitar solos. Second band Casual Threats hit the Whirly D Stage all suited and ready to rock the place down. The band just continue to improve every little bit of there performance. On stage they look like they are enjoying them selves they are adding more new songs and just continue to get better over all. During tonight’s performance I realised that not only do they have a huge punk influence buts there’s absolutely a bit of pop in there aswell. During a new song it hit me it sometimes feels like taking a New Order song and punking it up to 11. I say this every time but this is a band that deserves your time. Now for the main event and all the way from Leeds Fighting Caravans are a band I and many others look forward to seeing. They take so many different genres and create an incredible sound which will leave you in a trance. They are one of the finest bands to come from Leeds right now and that’s saying something considering how big the Leeds scene is right now. You don’t listen to them you don’t watch them you experience them and have allot of fun doing it. The whole gig was a great night of live music with three bands gelling very well. Another Whirly another week. 

Fighting Caravans 

Casual Threats 

Cult Figure 


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