Gig Review #15 The Marsicans, James Leonard Hewiton and Lost State of Dance @ Ku Bar(Shine Like Stars)

It’s a Friday night which is always a good reason to party, right? Well Ku Bar had the perfect line up for that Friday night party feeling first up they had Hartlepool party starters Lost State of Dance. If you’re a fan of synth pop and like a good dance then this is the band for you. Top that up with some fantastic guitar work through out each song. The whole experience feels like the best part of an 80’s movie soundtrack. They had people dancing and after talking to a few people after the set they made some new fans. Now the second act was James Leonard Hewitson this was the second time I’ve seen James’s Perform he was joined on stage by his band. Each song feels fresh laid back and has a fun way of keeping you entertained. “Shy of Hard Work” and “Caffine” being favourites of mine. Playing up beat music in a laid back way is a challenge that he and the band pull of very well. Now time for Ku Bar and Dig That Groove Favourites The Marsicans. Its always a blast seeing The Marsicans because you just know that the future of pop music is in safe hands with bands like this knocking about. They bring so much positivity and fun to every show that you can’t help but dance along to every song. You just can’t beat abit of up beat indie pop music when it’s played this well. The band just being brilliant and cool guys does add to why they are so likible aswell. They just keep getting bigger and bigger so do yourself a favour and see them play a venue near you whilst you have the chance. The gig over all was a very fun night with everyone involved doing a fine job keeping us music fans entertained. 

The Marsicans 

Lost State of Dance  


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