Gig Review #16 The Pale White and Rambler  @ Midlesbrough Empire

It’s Saturday night in Middlesbroughs club night Made of Milk and Famous Last Words put together two class acts the live music fans and empire regulars to enjoy. First up was Rambler it’s only been a few month since these hit the scene again and they have already been making an impact. Most recently opening up for fast rising band The Sherlocks in Middlesbrough Town Hall. They opened up there song “Wrecking Ball” a catchy indie anthem which kicks straight into the set. Each song all have a similar style fun catchy and fast. It’s a style they do to perfection. The set was a mix of new and old songs and was a great way to open the show. After a 15/20 minute break in the smoking area the main band hit the stage. This was my first The Pale White introduced the set with bright lights a huge sound and a big gig feeling. A tight and hard hitting rytham section topped with some brilliant guitar and indie like vocals are put together brilliantly. Even though I have never heard most of the songs they felt familier to me. Almost like the best side of a FIFA soundtrack. The song that stood out for me was “Reaction” a song along with a few more gives if the feeling that these have been doing this longer than they actually have been. I highly recommend seeing them live or checking out some of the songs online. 

The Pale White



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