Gig Review #17 St Paddys Day Massacre @ Whirling Dervish 

The day before St Paddys Day and Whirling Dervish were in the mood for some drinking and live music. I also choose this to be my birthday night out so I was in the mood to celebrate and the line up was perfect for that. First up was Teesside pop punkers Set Your Sights. A good way to start the show with a more hard hitting take on the pop punk genre. It turned one of the guitars was new and knocked it self out of tune a few times. But that didn’t stop these doing what they do best. Playing loud music with guitar riffs that show off the darker side of pop punk and very hard hitting drum. second band now and it was lovable punkers Alien 8. One of the most improved bands I’ve seen. With music that feels like it’s come straight out of a tony hawke soundtrack it’s easy to just kick back and have fun watching these. Punk will never die as long as bands like this are around. Also thanks for the card and covering and dedicating a Blink 182 cover to me. Now for the final act and it’s Panda Lasagne it’s always a good show with these added. They have a don’t take life to serious attitude to the performance. Punk music that’s played tighter than a badgers arse with commitment and adding a few good laughs during the set. it’s easy to see why these are becoming of the more liked punk bands going. The night overall was a blast. I did forget it was a st paddys celebration but that’s ok I do enjoy a punk rock show.

Set Your Sights


Panda Lasagne 


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