Gig Review #18 Pellethead Album Fundraiser 

After my search for some Friday entertainment I came across this gig. A fun(draiser) for Pelletheads forth coming album. So I thought why not see a couple of bands I’ve not seen yet? The first of them bands was Shrug and like I said I’ve not see these perform yet so I didn’t know what to expect. As I looked over to the stage I saw the singer was in costume. A costume that seemed to be a mix of Pennywise and a punk rock Willy Wonka. At that point a expected some level of madness in the set. I got just that with the singer trying on different hats and masks and dancing around through out the set. Even with that going on it didn’t distract you from the music. It had that Buzzcocks era of Punk Rock feel to it. If you get the chance to see them do it they are so much fun and will have you dancing or in my case moving slightly awkwardly and call it dancing. The second band was Year of Birds. This is the second time I’ve seen YOB. The first time was over a year ago in an Art Gallory. There’s something very likeable about this band and there performance. As someone who’s writing a gig Review I should be able to pin point exactly what that is. But there’s so much going on in the music it’s hard to single out just a few things. It might be the loud and catchy guitar riffs, huge sounding distorted bass lines, the incredibly creative drummer who i say plays like a punk rock Ringo Star or even the laid back vocals that mixes in the music all so very well. What ever it is I like it and am looking forward to hearing the new album “White Death to Power Alan”. Now it’s time for the final act Pellethead and just like the first act I never knew what to expect. With Pellethead it’s was simply punk rocks heart and spirit summed up in one set. With both guitarists and bass player switching vocal duties throughout the set each song stuck out from each other in the best kind of way. By the end of the set I left thinking Punk rocks not dead it’s right here in the Westgarth. Over all a fun night of live music I just wish it could have been longer.


Year of Birds



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