Gig Review #19 Catalyse “Led” single launch

Location Green Room Stockton was the venue local alternative rock group Catalyse choose for the launch of the new single Led. Two very good support acts announced it was set up to be a mint night of live music. The first act was a band full of groovey goodness Teessides own Crease I turned up during the set so I missed a fair few songs. The first thing I noticed was the band weren’t playing with the usual bass player. The guy they had on bass addeda style which felt inprovised at times. It mixed with the music very well. Crease played there usual chilled yet groovy style mixing old and newer songs together. Good set great way to start the set. Second band Idle Violets now and it’s been a while since I’ve seen these perform. Jonathon vocalist from Crease is now performing bass for Idle Violets  so double duty tonight. The band performed sone new songs and some we are very familier with. They have the same grunge sound we expect but they addition of Jonathon adds something new to the songs. Bring his chilled style to Idle Violets alternative rock music certainly makes the songs abit more intriguing. It set up the main acts set very well so now time for them Catalyse who are here to celebrate the release of the new single. The band have certainly come a long way in such a small time and selling out this gig. Full of enthusiasm from both band and the people in attendance the guys smash through the set leaving the new single till last. The song it self is a brilliant mix of alternative rock and pop music. It’s clear from this that they have many influences in the music. They did add to extra songs for an encore to the crowds delight. Overall it was a well organised show made that much better by a great attendance. Click here To check out the video to new single “Leds”


Idle Violets



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