Gig Review #20 Little Doves, LUMER and Chaos Jigsaw @ Whirling Dervish

Middlesbroughs most manic night of Live Music started of with a line up change. Sadly band Sick Joy could no longer player. But in there place was Chaos Jigsaw which was a nice surprise. Chaos Jigsaw bring a unique and meaning take on the hip hop genre. The performance consisted of Chaos Jigsaw him self Dylan Cartilidge and pal Jordon Mcniece. Clever heartfelt and meaningful lyrics over brilliant pre recording tracks. The tracks are out together with hard work and the funky grooves that keep you entertained no end. This was by far the best performance I’ve seen these two put on. Second band LUMER cracked up the volume of the gig. This was the first time I’ve seen the band. It sure didn’t feel that way I was that into the set. Mixing the energy of a alternative rock style with an angry grunge style. They certainly made a fan out of myself.if you want to see s band perform with allot of passion and lioness these are the ones for you. Little Doves now the bands first headline set. They did not disappoint. To tapping indie music that’s fun to listen to. Catchy riffs drums that hit straight to the point with very well worked vocals and backing vocals. I found myself and a few others around me dancing and singing along to a few of the tracks. Keep an eye out for these you won’t regret it. Over all the night had three acts with three different style and made it work. A fun night of live music.

Little Doves


Chaos Jigsaw


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