Gig Review #21 Arcane 39, Sister Strange and Singapore Safehouse @ Whirling Dervish 

This Whirling Dervish saw A return to the local music scene for a favourite of mine in TSOne. It kicked  of with Singapore Safehouse. This was the second time I’ve seen these perform. They kicked the set off with a cover of a Royal Blood song. Then went on to perform their own music which has an old school hard rock sound to it. They have improved a great deal since I last saw them and are really finding them selves as a band. I hope they can continue this momentum in upcoming gigs. The second band Sister Strange are a band I’ve not seen before. They manage to mix and alternative rock style that’s ful of energy and mix it with an almost chill indie sound. And the mix is good and it works well for them. I’ve been told many great things about them. Well ther certainly made a fan out of me. The headline act now Arcane 39 a band who have been on the local scene for a good few years. We’ve seen members come and go but one things always remains and that’s vocalists Emma’s huge influence of the 1970/80’s new wave/punk scene that they mix with pop melodys. At this gig the band were missing a bass player who sadly pulled out a few days before the show. But that didn’t stop the band from doing what they do best. They played a mix of some classic Arcane 39 songs and a few new songs in the mix. Over all it was a fun night and it was great seeing Arcane 38 back gigging. 

Arcane 39

Sister Strange

Singapore Safehouse 


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