Gig Review #22 Lost In The Crowd, Bruto and Flaccid Cactus @ Whirling Dervish

The past few years bank hollidays have been great for live music. There’s always plenty of options to choose from. I startef this weekends festivitys with Whirling Dervish. The first band were Flaccid Cactus. A new band on the scene but a very Impressive one at that. Influenced by the likes of Black Keys and Jimi Hendrix the music certainly added allot of enthis into the guitar work. Playing chilled rock music with powerful rock vocals the guys certainly know what sound they are going for. It’s going to be awesome seeing these progress. Second up was Bruto another band fresh out of the oven. Not a literal oven that would be mental. But The Beastie Boys once fought for our right to party and bands like Bruto certainly keep that spirit alive. With music that hasban almost early 2000’s alternative rock feel to it you can’t help but feel nostalgic. Which for me is great because nostalgia is best when it’s from something new because it’s keeping something you enjoy alive. Special mention to the song gin and milk aswell because how you crazy kids say it’s catchy AF. Next up was headliners Lost in the Crowd Keeping the alternative rock party feel Bruto had going I’ve gotta say LITC are one of the most fun band to watch for me. It’s the kind of band I’d like to see more of. Mixing the fun side of pop punk with the raw energy of alternative rock. Each time I see them the crowd seems to be getting bigger for them. It’s making it easier to get lost in it. Over all it was a good rock show which ended with a awesome Blink 182 cover encore. Well now let’s see what the rest of the bank Holliday brings. 

Lost in the Crowd


Flaccid Cactus 


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