Gig Review #24 Love Fuzz W/ Avalanche Party

Still hungover from Stockton Calling I got asked if I would like to pop to Darlington for some more live music. All though I couldn’t even move my neck right I choose to go after seeing the line up. What’s the worse that could happen? We got there nice and early to find out the first band couldn’t play. So we waited for the first band The Van Fevers. This was the first time seeing this band for myself. I didn’t know what to expect but the set toke me by surprise. The harder side of Indie music is the best way to describe what I heard. It was as hard hitting as it was catchy. The music also had a old school rock n roll feel in the rythm section. Which made it that much easy for the people in attendance to have a good old dance to. The second band was Middlesbrough group Plastic. It’s always a pleasure to see Plastic on the line up. They take a Indie pipe style and make it there own. They manage to mix a almost shoegaze sound under it all. I enjoyed the whole set but I found I enjoyed the second half of the set more. The last three songs felt like the most catchy songs on the list. As always I’m looking forward to seeing them again and am excited to see where they continue to progress from here.  The third act was Atlas Wynd a band I havnt seen in a few years. As good as they were when I last saw them they have really found themselves. Music filled with none stop monster riffs a up beat rytham section and powerful almost Indie like vocals they have the ability to liven up any show. From what I can tell they have been making quite the name for them selves and I hope they continue to do so. Next up was …And The Hangnails a favourite of mine two guys playing garage rock to its full potential. They started of with the song “You and I” which is the perfect song to introduce others to the band. That or second song “Cold” they both show exactly what to expect from the rest of the set. That’s just none stop energy and fast and fun rock music. That’s exactly what we got and then some. The last band Avalanche Party and a band I missed at Stockton Calling. There’s a reason why these are one of the most liked bands around right now. They have put allot of work into what they do and it always pays of. Did the antics of Stockton Calling slow them down? Hell no it didn’t just like every other show their A Game was on display from both band and the crowed who were 100% behind them through out the set. One massive sounding song after another the set slows down a notch with song “Money” a excellent song you can sing all he to with recognisable lyrics “it’s one for the money and two for the show three to get ready now go cat go”. They continued to blow the roof of the place getting more involved with the audience as it went on and finished with single “Solid Gold”. Over all a fun night of music and a mad end to Easter weekend. 

Avalanche Party

…And The Hangnails

Atlas Wynd


The Van Fevers 


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