Gig Review #25 Mr Bigfoot EP Launch @ Whirling Dervish 

Local band Mr Bigfoot were  about to release the first EP and they choose Middlesbroughs most manic night of live music for the celebration. The first band was Alien 8 who played an acoustic set. Punk rock played on acoustic guitars is always interesting. The set was fun one of the guitars kept slipping out of tune but they made it part of that show with humour. The second band Moon Rover are a band described as “Space Grunge” this genre is new to me. But whatever it is I like it. Music that’s got that alternative rock energy and the laid back feel of shoegaze. It’s clear from the response that these are a very liked band. The set was a great way to set up Mr Bigfoots celebrations. Speeking of Mr Bigfoot they are up now. I’ve seen them play many times and they just keep getting better. The set started with the vocalist taking about the EP and doing a little promoting of it. They then kicked straight into the set each song showcasing a unique look into the grunge genre. It’s like a more experimental Nirvana meets The Smashing Pumpkins. As it was a celebration they had Alien 8 singer James join them on stage for a Powerpuff girls theme cover at one point. Overall another great night of live music with all the good feelings of any celebration 

Mr Bigfoot

Moon Rover



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