Gig Review #26 The Wytches @ The Georgian Theatre 

It’s a new look for The Georgian Theatre and this is one of many great line ups they have in store. This night started with Middlesbrough/Leeds act Sorry Esculator. When these guys got added to the line up I was curious is to how the bands sound would go down in the Georgian. It happens it went down very well indeed. A band I’ve been a supporter of for a while now never fail to surprise me. They have a sound that’s a mix of grunge indie and shoegaze and they make it work. This was the best I’ve heard them play. I find they have a way of keeping people curious though out each song. The second band Weirds are a band I’ve not seen or heard before. Let me tell you they blew me away. They had me hooked from the first song with a unique heavy alternative rock sound. The vocalist added allot of charisma to each song especially when he decides to run through the audience with zero fucks given. But that being said they all remained humble and seemed grateful that so many people were very much into the set. The last band The Wytches are a band I’ve been wanting to see for a while now so as soon as this show was announced I got my ticket at the first chance I got. They lived up to the hype. It’s hard to describe the live show and do it as much justice as it deserves but I’ll try. It’s garage rock at it’s finest. The music can go from 0-10 in a matter of seconds. From start to finish they have a strong connection with the crowd. People mosh pitting and taken in each song. Overall great night of live music everyone seemed to leave with a smile. I also love what The Georgian have done looks awesome. 

The Wytches 


Sorry Esculator 


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