Gig Review #28 The Purnells Last Show

I’ve been going to loads and loads gigs since about 2014 and I’ve seen bands come and go. But one band has always been around and that’s The Purnells. I’ve seen them play shows, festivals and club nights even performed on the same bill as them at one point. So since this was to be the band last ever show how could I miss it? They put together a very fitting line up for the occasion. Starting of with Serinette. They kicked the show off with a brand new songs entitled “My Life” it was a good way to start the set as the band have always striked me as a group of people who pride them selves in being as creative as possible. They then went into some of the more familier songs. With an attitude that says I want the world to dance I did just that through the set. Even added a small cover of the song “Sexy Boy” as an intro to the song “Routine of the week”. They finished with another new song called “On Side” the song had a dance routine that singer Louise invited myself and a couple of other fans of the band to join in on. It was a fun set and set a possitive mood for the gig. The second band was none other that a returning Be Quiet Shout Loud. The boys are back with a new guitarist and some new bangers to add to the mash. The new songs have gone into a more Synth Pop direction and they are just as fun and as catchy as you would expect. They also added some familier songs to the mix which new guitarist has added his own style to. Just like Serinette they had myself and more people dancing(Must be Paul’s drumming that does the trick). They finished with a song that shows how much the band like to get the audience involved with lyrics designed for us to sing along to. So two bands into the show and I’ve already danced my butt off. But that wasn’t the end we are now witnessing the end of a era. The Purnells hit the stage for the last time. The set started with the song “Ten Bob” and singer Stu dancing around with a Henry Hoover on his head that’s been shaped into a mask.  They went into songs from all three albums. So they had plenty of songs to make a mint set list. We got everything we have come to love from the band Stus crazy antics and occasional guitar playing groovy bass lines and almost doors like guitar playing. They played two awesome sets but sadly because of time restrictions the second set had to be cut a little short. But that didn’t ruin the night because the whole show managed to create some awesome memory’s and was the perfect send off for a band we will never forget. We all stuck around after the show and shared memory’s of the band but sadly The Purnells have left the metaphorical building. 

The Purnells




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