Gig Review #29 Whirling Dervish Bank Holliday ShinDig

Every bank holliday needs at least one all day show of live Music. Two stages set one for bands and one for acoustic acts. I got down nice and early for Dean James and the Black Dogs. If you havnt seen these you need to it’s laid back acoustic music but very powerful vocals with meaningful lyrics. Dean was backed up with The Black Dogs who consisted of two out of there members from local groovers Crease. It was a good way to start the day of live music. Second up was Primitive Painters this was my second time seeing this band but first since they added new member Ebony into the mix. To say these have a unique sound is an understatement. They manage to mix a loud psychedelic sound and make it incredibly fun to listen to. Early on in the day and these certainly got allot of people attention. Then was the first act on the Acoustic Stage Nathan Duff. You may know Nathan as one half of  Teesside band Mouses. But when he’s not drumming he likes to ocationally get the guitar out to show us gig goers a different side to his talent. Playing a set of carefully chosen covers Nathan certainly opened the acoustic portion of the day in style. He finished with an original which was cool to hear really. Then back down for some Be Quiet Shout Loud. The second time I saw these this bank holliday weekend. Well they have new songs to show us fans. It was proof that no matter how big the stage if the music is good people will dance and have a good time. I suspect we will be seeing more of these in 2017 so will absolutely need to get your dancing shoes ready. Now back to the acoustic stage for Mary Elizabeth Webb. I’ve seen Mary perform before and she’s improved a great deal. Now that she wasn’t good before it’s just now I felt she had more direction of how she wants to sound as a singer. The set was mainly covers and finishing with an original. But it was an awesome set that got my attention leaving me curious as to where she’s going to take herself in the creative side of her set. After Mary it was another trip to the band stage where Nancy were waiting. The band certainly changed the pace of the show with the loud rock n roll influenced music we have come to enjoy. The band clearly want to be playing as much as possible and with all the improvements they keep making there’s no reason they shouldn’t be. Now back to the acoustic stage for some Joel Clayton and Anna Wilson. Joel from Idle Violets and Anna Wilson always Wow a crowd with chilling cover songs filled with beautifully organised harmonies. They both have a slightly different style but it’s mixed very well. Now for another trip down to the bands for Cult Figure. Cult Figure have been getting them selves around quite abit this year. It’s not hard to see why they offer a mix of An alternative rock sound mixed with almost metal like solos. The two are mixed like peanut butter and jam it shouldn’t work but it does. Now back to the acoustic stage where Megan Dotchin Is waiting to say Megan’s style which is a mix blues and gold has won many people hearts is an understatement. I’ve become very familier with Megan’s music so I find it easier to just chill with a gin and just enjoy what she provides. Song entitled “The Alleyway” has got to be a favourite of mine or her chilling cover of “Cocain Blues”. Ok we know the routine now it’s of to the bands once again. Naked Six Making there Teesside Debut. First time see these for myself and the set blew me away. There’s so much energy in the set filled with hard and catchy indie/alternative rock bangers. Don’t be surprised if you see them back in the area soon because to me and many more people the set caught us by surprise in the best way possible. Remember the name Naked Six. Now for the last time the acoustic stage for headliner Danny Devon. It’s been a while since I last saw Danny play. But he’s back with a set filled with new songs. Danny likes to tell a story in his music like a Teesside Bob Dylan. It was good to hear some new stuff I felt it showed you that he can now mix each set he plays up keeping it fresh every time he plays. Because of popular demand from the crowd he finished on his classic “Rose tinted eyes”. Now for the final act of the day Idle Violets who were about to proove they can headline these kinds of shows. They did just that with most for thought of us who came down early for the whole we were quite tired at this point but Idle Violets kept our attention. Just like previous sets they played familier songs mixed with newer songs. The addition of Jonathon Staff on bass has gave the sound a extra kick kinda like adding a extra shot of whiskey in your drink. The whole day was fun and surprisingly good cardio going up and down them stairs all day. If you were at this gig and you enjoyed it it was just a taste of what Whirling Dervish offer every Thursday.


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