Gig Review #30 Nigel Clark(Dodgy) @ Stockton Music Lounge

A big night for Stockton Music Lounge how could I miss it? The act was Reece Hanrahan who was joined on the stage with the very talented Laura Kelbrick. I’ve seen them perform together before so I was curious to see what they had to offer. The set started started with a song titled “Call Center Blues”. The lyrics reminded me of my call center days. The second song surprised me as it involved Reece doing some rapping. I’ll give home credit for that because not only did he have #bars4days but it showed a bigger range of influence he uses. Having Laura on stage gave the performance a extra push in the right direction. Her vocal style reminds is very unique to the style of music being performed but she makes it work. If I had to give a comparison I’d say imagine Jamie T mixed with Amy Whinehouse. They finished with Toploader classic “Dancing in the Moonlight” a fun way to end a very entertaining set. Second up was a favourite of mine Head of Light Entertainment. I was look forward to seing this band perform. It’s hard to think of a comparrising for them because they are so unique theres really no one like them around. Sadly at the gig singer Carl Green was unable to perform his songs but as luck has it they have two vocalists so all songs that Simone songs were on display throughout the set. She and the rest of the band put on a quality performance heavy on the synth as expected and which I love. They had the music lounge dancing through out the set. It’s hard not to dance really the bands unique pop style is very hipnotic. I also want to mention that I enjoyed Simones sharp and fast wit between each song it added a little more fun to the set. The third band was The Citadels a band I’ve seen twice before one being at Stockton Calling. There’s a great mix of styles within this bands music. There’s a unmastable mod feel to them with almost garage rock  and a very old school rock feel to it. The rytham section is aswell very catchy some smart guitar playing topped with incredibly strong rock vocals. A babd I’d recommend checking out. The final act was none other than Dodgy front man Nigel Clark. I’ve never really heard much of Dodgy work but I did see them perform Stockton last year. I enjoyed them so I was looking forward to this set. He started the set with classic “Going out for the Summer”. That kicked the set of very well. Nigel asked if we wanted hear some new stuff which we clearly did. It made for a good set of older songs new songs and some brilliant covers. The set ended with another classic “Good enough” The room was full of fans of Dodgy and as you could tell by the singing along. A well organised and fun night of live music I fully enjoyed myself. 

Nigel Clark

The Citadels 

Head of Light Entertainment 

Reece and Laura 


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