Gig Review #31 Heather Story EP Launch

So you’ve got to love a good EP Launch right? Well I do and this past Saturday I attended Heather Story’s Launch for her first EP. It looked to be a good solid line up over all so let’s see how it went. First up was Bethany Groom it’s been a while since I last saw Bethany play so I was looking forward to seeing how she’s progressed. I wasn’t disappointed I really enjoyed the set.  The vocals were sang over a backing track but the tracks were played in a style that suited Bethany. It was mostly covers kicking of with “Summer of 69”. Toward the end of the set she slipped a couple of original songs into the mix. The originals displayed the catchy and fun side of modern pop music. Over all good set and left me curious is to where she is heading toward on the creative side. Dylan Cartilidge was on second The Artist formerly known as Chaos Jigsaw has certainly came alonge way with impressing people with his unique hip hop style. It turns out the music is a great way to keep a gig with an almost party feel up beat. Funky bass and drums you can dance to good honest lyrics packed with chasima what more could you want? Now up was Heather Story who for the first time was performing with a band behind her. It was an unusual sight seeing Heather playing her music via an electric guitar but ohhh my did the songs sound awesome? The answer being yes, yes they did. The whole set was a mix of familier songs some older songs and some new. Her band were Si Smith(Bass) and Aaron Kilalea(Drums) and from what they added to the music I can tell that they have a good understanding of what Heathers music is about and it certainly added to positive vibe of what an EP Launch. The music which is a mix of pop blues and a indie sound went down very well with the people in attendance. It was a brilliant night of live music so top marks to Heather and Famous Last Words for putting on a great show. 

Heather Story
Dylan Caralidge 
Bethany Groom


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