Gig Review #32 Head of Light Entertainment “Drool” album launch 

Friday night had loads of options for live music so I choose to go down to Head of Light Entertainments album launch. This was to be the bands third album folllowing “I am Liberated” and “The English don’t care”. This was my first time in The Twisted Lip. I like the venue it’s very small but has a nice atmosphere. They kicked the night of with support act Heather Story who herself has just released her first EP. But of course you already knew that after my review last week, right? Now I will admit I was almost distracted by the screen behind Heather. It featured two saucy ladybirds but it didn’t distract me to much. I mean I did hear Heather jokingly call me proper fan girl. Heather was back on her acoustic playing all them banging tunes we all know and love. It doesn’t matter how many times I see her perform the music still sounds fresh and new even though I probably know all the words. Anyway my point being is that she’s dead good and you should see her live. Got it? Good now Head of Light Entertainment were hitting the stage ready to release the new album and first vinyl. By this point more people made there way to the show. So I absolutely felt like I was melting. Unlike the last time I reviewed the band at The Nigel Clark Music Lounge Carl was able to sing the songs he leads. So we got best of both worlds. The set well there’s just something delightful different about this band it almost brings a new meaning to “alternative music”. You’ve got two vocalists who are both very talented but they bring allot of personality into every single word they sing. The music itself is fun it’s catchy it’s sometimes even unpredictable. The whole night itself was well organised I would have maybe had it in a bigger room but that didn’t ruin the possitive vibe of an album launch. The album itself well I’ve got it on great stuff my favourite out of the three and that’s saying something because I love “The English Don’t Care”.

    Head Of Light Entertainment 

    Heather Story 


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