Gig Review #33 Rock Against HBT

17th May has been recognised as international day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. So yesterday 20th May a gig was an organised charity event for Hart Gables a local LGBT charity. It’s a great charity that shows support to anyone who identifies as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender. First act of the evening was Liane Hall who I believe was playing her first(hopefully not last) gig. It was a short set but a cool set filled with recognisable covers. Even playing my most favourite Nirvana song in the world “Heart Shaped Box”. For a first gig Liane sounded very good. Hopefully she’ll continue to play and will start to enjoy it more. Anyway Second up was Teessides very own Alien 8. Alien 8 have become one of my favourite punk acts around right now. It’s all just straight to the point from the bands sharp humour the fast and loud punk rock attitude they pull of also. Drummer Alex is by far one of the best drummers in Teesside right now and that’s a fact. They were joined on stage by Mr Bigfoot singer Kieran for the song “Stalker” it was a fun and we got exactly what we want from them. Third up now was Weld this was my first time seeing Weld perform. A hard hitting tight and experienced punk rock band. Taken influence from old school punk bands and adding a modern twist to it. A very underrated band indeed I’d like to see them again. By this point more and more people made there way to the show. Third band Panda Lasagne it doesn’t matter if you’ve seen the band 100 times or you’ve never seen them you’re always going to have fun watching these. Between songs they are jokers and  like to make people laugh but once the music hits so does the atmosphere. By that I mean I even found myself doing a little mosh during the set. So if you like loud punchy and exciting punk music served with random rants and banter on the side these are for you. Fourth up was Mr Bigfoot who had a special guest Mr James Harrison from Alien 8 on guitar. Sadly he had a slight tech issue in the first song which was fixed and he was able to play the set whilst adding his own twist to the songs. The grungy noise of Mr Bigfoot never even felt out of place considering the punk bands before and after them. It was clear that allot of people turned up for Mr Bigfoot as I noticed all the time Mr Bigfoot shirts that people were rocking all so very well. There was a sing alonge moment chants of “Run Run Run Away” at the end of the bendy song. They finished the set short because of time restrictions with The Powerfuff Girls theme. Last band of the evening was The Antiseptics now this is what punk looks and feels like. I went back into the venue and noticed how fuller it looked. The Anticeptics seem to bring something out of people that just gets them caught in the moment. Moshing all around and human pyramids I tried to join in but ended up on my ass. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying the band.  They have allot of energy that they spread from start to finish. It’s what I imagine most punk gigs in the 70’s 80’s and maybe 90’s were like so it’s nice to see that attitude is very much alive and that punk isn’t dead after all. 

The Anticeptics

Mr Bigfoot

Panda Lasagne 


Alien 8

Liane Hall 


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