Gig Review #34 Into Tomorrow All Dayer

Here goes Another go at reviewing an all day show. This time it was Into Tomorrow that toke over TSOne in Middlesbrough. With the sun shining I made my way over to the the venue in time to catch the first band The Wainstones. I arrived during the bands second song. It was the perfect way to start the day. The music has that mod influence but for me it’s not just about that. This band bring allot of energy to every show they play topped with some catchy hooks. So in my opinion you don’t have to be 100% behind mod culture to enjoy these. Also as I always say when I see this but that drummer though. How good is he? So after that set I made my way to Alchemy n Co for the first acoustic performer and it was none other than Michael Gallagher the acoustic stage to me is just as important as the band stage. You get to see some of the best solo acts around without watching a soulless talent show on TV. Michael was a great way to kick that off. Mixing indie and pop music to his own unique style is what he does and he does it well. I fully enjoyed the set. Still one to look out for infact his three track EP entitled “House Music” is worth checking out Click here if you have Spotify it’s worth your time. Now down to the band stage again for the sounds of Velvoir. Velvoir on this early? That’s madness right? Well we all know how hard working this lot are and they had another show to attend. We got nothing short of a headline worthy performance from the group. The bands energy spreads very fast and before I knew it TSOne was almost full of enthustic music fans. Enjoying the sexual groovy talented funky bass slapping drumming smashing hardcore glam rocking group called Velvoir. There’s probably loads of nicknames I could have added but I didn’t want to go full Apollo Creed on you. Anyway back to the Accoustic music now with Grace Gibson it’s been a while since I’ve seen Grace perform so I was curious to see what her music has to offer. It was a very interesting mix of some soft spoken rapping into some powefull singing. I don’t know what it is but Grace has absolutely nailed the style she is going for. It felt very unique and was constantly taken by surprise. Hopefully she can continue to do so. 

Back to the bands and this time it was Werbenunik I don’t even know where to start here it all felt crazy but all so well organised at the same time. You certainly had the talent to enjoy and nobody can say these ain’t fun to watch because they really are. You had allot of instrument swapping going on aswell which gave each song s different feel. Now back to the acoustic stage(See a pattern yet?) for Charlie Thomas this is the second time I’ve seen Charlie perform and just like a classic movie it was better the second time. I wonderful and charismatic take on post punk music. Each song seems to tell a story whilst keeping you entertained. Now you know what’s next right? Yep back to the bands for Nine Tons now where have these beeen hiding? From a post punk solo act to this post punk band. They have taken that post punk style to new level of catchiness I even found myself singing along to a few songs. None of the songs seem to slow down its full speed ahead from start to finish and we all loved it. Now on the acoustic stage who did we have? It was only Heather Story ya know. This will be the third time I’ve Review one of her sets this month. But with talent like Heathers she makes it all so very easy. I find it very easy to enjoy the set aswell because I probably know the songs as well as she does. Well maybe not that well. But I feel she’s now st the point where she’s truly found herself as a singer/song writer to a point she can write new stuff and slip a new song into the set and a fair few people would be more than Keane to hear it. 

Idle Violets on the band stage now it was the first of two sets for bass player Staffy. But we don’t see Idle Violets as much as we these days but when we do it’s always welcome. Each song becoming more and more familier for  the casual gig goer. I mean am I the only one who’d like to hear Casanova recorded? But that’s my option the best thing for Idle Violets right now is another EP. We’ve heard the song we like the songs now give us the songs. It’s now time for a first for me and it’s none other than Chloe Chadwick. I’ve wanted to see Chloe live for a while now and now that I have I wasn’t disappointed. The vocals were were stunning and it was alll a nice mix of incredible country music with a pop spirit. Sadly not many people came up for for the set.   The only thing I can think of is everyone was tired from walking up and down all day because Chloe is a fantastic talent and is who Came to watch we’re lucky to experience that for FREE. Now for the bands and Crease was the word. The ultimate chill band to say the least. Singer Staffys second set of the day first being Idle Violets. It’s always fun to hear these guys play with music tighter than a badgers ars and grooves for days it’s not hard to see why so many enjoyed the set. 

Now for the headline acoustic act Major Matilda I did miss a couple of songs because I popped out for food after Crease. But I’m happy to say I didn’t miss to much. Major Matilda is always an act to look forward to. Solo or with a full band you get the same level of passion every time. There was a fair bit of talking going on but when he sang the last songs everyone suddenly silenced it was like they realised just how special a talent he is. That was the acoustic stage over Six singer song writers completely different to one another and it worked well. Now it was time fir the fashionably late band The Approved. They may have been slightly late but ya know rock n roll right? This band for me really define rock n roll aswell. It’s like they have taken the best part of rock from every generation and have mixed it together to create this up beat energetic rock noise that we all love. Now for the headline act Lost State of Dance which is perfect because I was in the mood for a dance and that I just did. Well it’s hard not to really with pop/disco music this catchy really it’s like I’ve said before it’s like the best side of a 80’s movie soundtrack. No matter what no body was going to stop dancing and really just get lost in the moment. It was the perfect end to a brilliant day of live music so hats off to Into Tomorrow for all the hard work.

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