Gig Review #35 James P Riggall @ Skins and Needles

Friday nights in Middlesbrough have a new accoustic sessions night. It’s at Skins and Needles and I attended the first event. I turned up nice and early so I could check out the venue itself. The stage was set and they had a deal on cocktails which I planned to cash in on. The first act was Singapore Safehouse frontman Jacob Lynch. He kicked the new night off playing through some crowd pleasing covers which he played very well. From pop music to indie music there was something for everyone to enjoy. After his set I went over to the bar to get my cocktails whilst I waited for the second act was Mick Merryweather front man of The Citadels. So far it proven that Teesside have a great range of styles when it comes to accoustic acts. Mick played his mod influenced music and kept me entertained throughout the set. I do enjoy seeing a different side to a performer and that’s exactly what he did switching from up beat mod rock music to a more laid back performance. Fantastic set from a late addition to the line up. Then last of the night was James P Riggall from The Broken Broadcast. I’ve always enjoyed The Broken Broadcast one of the most underrated bands around. But tonight was about front man James P Riggall. He toke everything I enjoy about the band and shot it together for his solo performance. The chilled vibes the haunting tones and catchy tunes were all on display for us to enjoy. The set finished with James joining the crowd for an unplugged song which added something special to this new night. Over all I enjoyed the show Skins and Needles are certainly in to something with this and hope it can continue to be successful. 


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