Gig Review #36 Milk: Unplugged

It was a Saturday night and I was looking forward to seeing some solo sets from some top talent. I got to The Empire in time to see the first act Katherine Judson as I walked into The Lounge I saw Katherine on stage playing a flute. So I thought we’ll this will be something different and that it was. I’m used to seeing singers and acoustic guitar at these kinda events. But it was a nice to see something new. The whole set to me had a nice and chilling vibe to it. Even through it was a short set I’ve hit to hand it to Katherine for providing us with her unique talent. Second up was Tasha Graham and what impressed me the most with Tasha was he voice she has and incredibly strong and powerful vocal style. Her set consisted of covers but given her song choices I found myself entertained. She kicked off with a Britney Spears cover and then went into covers by acts like Sia, The Cure, The Smiths and many more. It was basically how many banging songs can I fit into a 20 minute set. Third act was Charlea B this was the second time that I have seen her perform. The first being the night before at Skins and Needles. There’s something very  likible about her performance. Tonight was mainly covers but an original was shot in the mix. Personally I would have enjoyed the originals more especially since she has an EP on the way. But her choice of covers were great and really hit with the people in attendance. But take all of her music ability and add her charisma and ability to have fun with a crowd and you could have someone who has the potential to be a to act in the Teesside music scene. Fourth act was Strangeways front man Tom Limon. So stripped back versions of his own music and it went down very well. I’ve seen The Strangeways and I have no dought that he’d put on a great show. I even recognised a few of the songs from when I last saw them. Mixing indie and rock to perfection both solo and band sets are worth looking out for. But last act of the evening was none other than Dylan Cartilidge. The artist formally known as Chaos Jigsaw hit the stage about 1:30 so at this point I was getting rather tired. But the up beat and fun hip hop music was enough to keep me awake. I now have become more familier with his set and songs to the point were I can sing along or sometimes pretend I know the words. He kicked off with “Love Spoons” which actually is the perfect song to start with. But the newist song “Sing and Clap” has got to be a favourite of mine. The catchy chorus of “Sing and clap sing and clap sing and clap now” is an easy one to sing along to and have fun hearing. The whole night was great give great acts in a fun environment what’s not to love. Dena Warren who organised it did a great job and hopefully we’ll see more shows like this down the line.


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