Gig Review #37 Whirling Dervish 2nd Birthday Bash

So it’s been two years of Middlesbroughs most manic night of live music. We have seen some fantastic acts within them two years and this night was no differnt. It kicked off with Mr Bigfoot but sadly I missed the first part of the bands set. But when I did arrive I was greeted to a full room of enthusiastic music fans. Everyone was in a party mood and Mr Bigfoot proved to be the perfect way to start the show. The upbeat grunge noise the band play went down very well with the people who attended. The bonus is I didn’t miss the bendy song at least. Now the show has started it’s time to be be introduced to a new band and Swears is the name. Consisting of members from Crazer Beam and Idle Violets Swears played like they have been around for much longer. A mix of Idle Violets grunge noise Crazer Beams up beat and upbeat alternative rock style certainly make a very entertaining sound. Now for the headline act and a Whirling Dervish Birthday needs something special last year we were great to an acoustic set from Dick Valentine this year it was Yorkshire rockers Allusondrugs. The first thing I noticed was the band feature a new guy on guitar. The set features allot of new material and I got the impression that they are heading into a new direction. The new stuff feel more Alternative rock with a little of that grunge mixed in. A few older songs shot in and you had the recipe for a fun set as you always do. There’s no mistaken that the band have a big fan base judging from the turn out for the set. Even one fan giving the band a special delivivey on stage in the form of a Parmo. If you don’t know what that is its chicken and cheese that’s popular in Teesside and Allusondrugs often reference during their time here. But over all the gig was a fun night of celebration and live music. Middlesbroughs most manic night will keep growing in populality. 


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