Gig Review #38 Butterfly Effect LP Launch Sound it Out

So it was early Saturday afternoon and I had just got home from work. I then get a notification from Facebook telling me that a gig in Sound it Out was going to start in an hour. Without thinking about I got a taxi to Stockton to watch some quality live music. The gig was the first of two that day celebrating the release of Butterfly Effects compilation album and they had four acts from the album playing. The first one was Box Wallet and the Roadside Shrimp this was the second time that I saw these perform. This time it was a striped back performance. The Newcastle group caught my attention at Whirling Dervish early this year it felt like something completely different a unique mix of Blues, folk and acoustic music. The set may have been stripped back at this show but it still didn’t take away the unique brilliance that makes these so fun to watch. If you ever get the chance to see them just do it. The second act was Twist Helix and electro pop had become something I really enjoy lately. That’s because of bands like Twist Helix. Just like Box Wallet this was the second time I’ve seen them perform live. I find the music has an incredibly poweful yet hypnotic sound. Everything blends in perfectly Bea’s strong vocal style mixes well with everything going on around it. Another band I’d recommend seeing. The final act was James Gray Robson and the Lovely Burn. I always enjoy seeing this duo perform live. Folk music inspired by Americana music. There’s nothing you wouldn’t enjoy whilst watching these perform. Chilled music with hard hitting vocals is what got my attention. Every time I see them perform I almost get goosebumps from the atmosphere the sound creates. It’s always awesome seeing a gig that offers you unique acts that stand out from each other and that’s what we got on this day. 


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