Gig Review #39 Narcs last gig. 

So after spending half a day in Stockton for Stockton stages watching an Elvis Fronted Nirvana tribute acts, an Electronic Swing band the new boys on the  scene SWEARS I made my way to Middlesbrough Empire for the final gig of one of my favourite bands Narcs. I got to The Empires weekly club night Made of Milk ready to watch some quality live music. The support act hit the stage a band I’ve seen many times known as Plastic. I’ve always got the impression that Plastic have more than enough in them to leave a great impression on anyone who sees them. This night was no different. Crossing the line between Indie and Alternative Rock and displaying an ability to write some catchy tunes. Plastic are a band you need to look out for. After plastic I waited around for about 20 minutes intill Narcs hit the stage for the last time. This is a band I’ve enjoyed for many years now even back in the day when they were known as British Racing Green. I’ve witnessed them get better and better as song writers and get angrier at the world around us. And in that time they have recorded two albums signed to Clue Records and played Leeds Festival. As each song passed by I just knew it was getting close to the final song. The set was everything I love about Narcs a passionate performance consisting of angry indie pop with a grunge attitude. I’m very thankful that I got to see these as many times as I have and I’ve made many friends whilst doing including the band themselves. So thank you Narcs for the awesome music Dig That Groove love you(Well I) and good luck to you all and I’ll see you on the city side. 


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