Gig Review #47 Great Waves @ Stockton Music Lounge

I made the choice to go to a gig with bands I’ve never seen before. Personally as a live music lover I love seeing new stuff. But was it worth it. Well let’s see I got to the venue but sadly missed the first band. But I did get down on time to check out Parallax Skies. I knew from the first song that coming to this gig was a wise choice. The band offered so much during the set. From a 1990’s Brit pop indie sound to a modern day Shoegaze tone in the guitars. I was instantly hooked to every song. I’d say if you’re a fan of bands like Echo and the Bunnymen and The Cure than these are for you. They even played a stunning cover of the Bunnymen classic “The Killing Moon”. The whole set was fantastic and they are worth checking out. The second band The John Doe Experiment kicked it up abit with energetic riffs and fast paced music. Now at this point I’m thinking why did I ever debate coming to this gig because it would have been a crime to miss these band. John Doe Experiment is a name I’ve seen advertised many times and I have no idea why I haven’t seen them until now. With influences from punk to old school metal they were certainly fun to watch. He song Critinite stood out for me as something that could get stuck in your head for days. So the headline act now Great Waves a indie/pop delight. They have that bouncy toe tapping sound that I’d like to see more of. A couple of crowd pleasing covers shot in for good measure such as songs by The Killers and Kings of Leon. By the end of the set I knew I made the right choice by coming to this gig. Im sad to have missed the first act but I’m glad I caught three outstanding acts after. 


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