Gig Review #50 Clue Records Christmas party


T’is the season for Clue Records to bring the party to Stockton in the on only was we would expect them to with a Christmas gig. Going into this gig for me was like watching Die Hard over Christmas. It may not be your average Christmas celebration but I knew it was going to be a fun and exciting night of entertainment. The show started with Teessides Swears who were the perfect way to kick the show off. I’ve seen these that many times now that I can honestly say that I’m not the only one. We got everything that we have come to enjoy about Swears a Alternative Rock sound that anyone can really enjoy. From heavy grunge to pop rock these have it all and have become a favourite of many in Teesside throughout 2017. The second act was Primitive Painters a group of talented young lads from Darlington. The music performed by these seems to take influence from early post punk band music. But they do add their own take to the genre mixing in a little shoe gaze and indie pop for good measure. These could very well be a band to look out for in 2018. The third band Dead Naked Hippies now. This was the first time I have seen these so it was almost like a early Xmas Present of Clue Records adding them to the line up. If it was then best present ever because these toke me by surprise. The whole set for me was just so much fun to watch from start to finish. The music is very hard hitting loud and exciting. The band are advertised as a Gritty Pretty Post-Punk which to me says it all really. They often reminded me a band from America who I also enjoy called Nico Vega in many ways. If you get the chance to see these then do it because they are worth it. The headline act was as I have already mentioned Forever Cult. This is the first time I have seen them as a four piece. Forever Cult to me are one of these bands who just keep getting better and better with no signs of slowing down any time soon. Modern Grunge music at it’s very best with all the attitude and catchy hooks mixed in. They even play a song(Yasmin) that they haven’t played in a while even new addition to the band Wilko had to learn the song on stage before they got into it. But after listening to it you wouldn’t think that was the case at all. The addition of the second guitarist has gave singer Kieran the opportunity to get more involved with the crowd during the last song Winters Glow. Overall Clue Records did a fine job putting this together and I left known that I had just witnessed four top acts and a Dead Naked Hippies t-shirt.


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