Gig Review #52 Swilly Chill at Whirling Dervish


The first Whirling Dervish of 2018 kicked off with three acts from Teesside who can very easily make bigger names for them selves throughout the year. I got down to the gig nice and early to check out all three acts. The first act of Whirling Dervishes new year was Mary Elizabeth Web a acoustic performer from Teesside. She played a set of original music which went down very well with the Whirling Dervishes regulars. The tempo and pace of her music is a nice calm vibe which she adds some incredibly powerful vocals. A few members of the audience were discussing what acts might influence her and who she reminds them of. The main name that kept coming up was Laura Marling. But for me Mary is a performer I’ve seen play a few times before and she is someone who seems to have worked hard on her performance and song writing. I’m looking forward to seeing how she’s going to keep progressing in 2018. The second act of the gig was Giraffes and I always find it interesting to see these guys perform because I feel that they play in a catchy Indie style but offer something different to the genre. The music is simple but catchy and the vocals add an easy going pace but still singer Oliver still manages to make that sound catchy and fun to listen to. They perform songs from the bands first EP and even added a few new songs to the set. Again just like Mary they had some good feedback from the people who attended the show. With a couple of people pointing out an improvement in the bands performance. The first headline slot of the year went to none other than Swilly Chill and band who made quite a name for them selves in 2017 and look to continue that going into 2018. I’ll be honest I’ve always been 50/50 on these guys and have never really know what to make of them. But this performance won me over because it was the best that I’ve ever seen them perform. It gave me a better understanding of the style that they are going for and the improvements in the music with things like tightness of the rhythm section and the undertones of the lead guitar flowing nicely from start to finish standing out for me. I can honestly say I really enjoyed this set and am looking forward to seeing them more in 2018. If you’re a fan of indie rock and like bands you can dance to and sing along to then Swilly Chill are the band for you. After the set they gave us a cover of Foster the Peoples “Pumped Up Kicks” which showed that not only can the bands knocked out a upbeat set of original tunes but they can play crowd pleasing covers out of the blue. The first Whirling Dervish of the year went very well so I’m looking forward for more in 2018.



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