Gig Review #53 Cornerstone @ Stockton Music Lounge


I choose to go to this gig because when I saw the line up I realised this would have so many first for my music blog. One being I’ve never really reviewed a metal gig before and this one was filled with bands that I’ve never seen before. So I was excited about this one. When I got to the venue the first band were already playing about 15 minutes into the set the band were called Nation In Ruin. The music had a Nu Metal feel to it with a heavy and hard hitting vibe behind it all. The song that I heard the band perform had so many exciting riffs great rock vocals and a heavy rhythm section. When I walk in I went to the bar and got a high five of the bass player so top marks for that. I do wish that I had caught the bands full set but the part of the set that I did catch was everything you would like to see from a metal act. When they finished I spoke to Oliver from The Music Lounge who explained to me that one of the band never turned up for the gig. Which is a shame because if they would have at least told the venue in advance they could have filled the empty slot in with someone who would have been more than happy to play the show. So I found myself waiting for the headline band earlier than I thought I would have been. That band was Stockton Trash and Heavy Metal band called Cornerstone. Before the band started playing I noticed that a projector was being set up so I was very curious about that. I also noticed that no drum kit was being assembled so my curiosity was lifter even higher especially considering that these are a Metal Group. Then the set started and it turned out that the two were related and that the drummer was the projector. A video of a drummer with the rest of the band playing along. Which by the way was a lot cooler then I’m making it sound. The music and performance was great they take so many influences from Metallica, Pantera and Sounding Garden and mix them all together. I was thinking during the set that I know so many people who would really enjoy this band because these influences. The performance was tight, loud and angry but also a lot of fun to watch as a fan of live music. The gig was sadly a lot shorter than I would have liked it to be but the two bands who did turn up put on one hell of a show and if you’re a fan of any kind of metal music they are worth checking out. It was just a month a go that U2’s front man Bono said “hip-hop is the only place for young male anger at the moment” but for anyone who attends gigs like this you know that just isn’t very true at all.




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