Gig Review #27 Sabella, Unspoken and Jacob Lynch @ Stockton Music Lounge

Last minute decision I decided to head over to Stockton Music Lounge for some live music. The gig kicked off with Singapore Safehouse front man Jacob Lynch performing a solo set. As I arrived in the venue I realised the turn out wasn’t exactly huge but that never stops me from enjoying a good show. Jacob kicked the night off with a set that consisted of mainly covers. But they were well chosen covers that were played very well. A random mix of Oasis, Blink 182 White Stripes and many others. Also Jacob had trouble keeping some lyric sheets still which added some accidental slap stuck to the set. But he made everyone aware of this making it laughing about it and adding some comedy between songs. The second band Unspoken are up now. I never knew what I was going to get from this band but what I did get was very entertaining. The music felt like it had a good range of influence behind it. One minute a almost Buzzcocks punk like vibe to a rock n roll style. The vocals are strong a solid and tight rytham section with some very entertaining guitar work added to the top of it all. The band clearly have allot of passion in the music they write and the passion was on full display in every song. The last band came all the way from Sheffield Sabella. Before coming to the gig I listened to a few of Sabellas songs on You Tube and that had a huge part of me coming to the gig. They play Indie Pop music at its most fun. It’s a shame about the small turn out because this is the type of band anyone can enjoy. The whole set was full of energy and the music felt very Crowd pleasing with songs you could sing along to if heard enough. So another night of live music and a gig that was better than I was expecting. Top points to Live Wire Promotions for putting this line up together. It goes to show every band deserves a chance you never know what you’re missing out on. 



Jacob Lynch 

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